We ask that despite recent fashion trends, that parents and students remember that school is a place for learning and that appropriate clothing is expected.

The following “4-3-2-1-0” dress code is strictly adhered to at Utsalady.

  • Necklines should be no lower than 4 fingers below the clavicle notch
  • Tops must have a minimum of a 3 finger strap and show no undergarment
  • Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than the finger tips of the 2 arms stretched straight down
  • “Tummies” and underwear should not show when 1 arm is stretched straight up
  • 0 tolerance for jeans, shorts, etc. that are too low and expose the student’s back end when sitting, bending over or otherwise engaged in any activities.

    As always, NO HATS and due to multiple injuries, flip-flops are not allowed at Utsalady.